Anna's Smile Story

My smile continues to delight me and I have been trying to discover why this cleaning was exceptional. My teeth are literally "gleaming". I think the difference in this cleaning is explained by the difference in focus of a professional with an orthodontic background and a professional with a health background. Dr. Amos is a dental surgeon and the best dentist we have had. When she works on my mouth I have every confidence the work is the very best and will never need to be re-done, as so many of our repairs needed to be in our pre-Dr. Amos era! When she cleans teeth, her focus is to clear away any disease-causing material in order to check the health of the teeth and find trouble spots before they worsen.

I wish to thank you for the care I received yesterday at my appointment. That was the most thorough, gentle, and informative cleaning I have ever experienced in fifty years of regular dental treatments. I could even add it was 'enjoyable' and 'comforting'! ---Thank you for assigning Paulette, a specialist who obviously loves teeth, to a permanent position that frees Dr. Amos' valuable time and energy for what she does best...long-lasting, low-toxicity, and speedy dental repair! Paulette knows a healthy tooth is a beautiful tooth, but because of her orthodontic training her interest is more 'cosmetic'. It is obvious she loves her work and enjoys creating the most beautiful smile possible, which also allows Dr. Amos the freedom to focus more readily on the check-up.

What an effective way for Dr. Amos to enhance the practise and ease her stress... by adding a skilled hygienist to the staff!

Maria's Smile Story

I wish to commend Amos Family Dentistry for their friendly, efficient professional and support staff. And Dr. Amos herself for her unsurpassed skill gleaned from many years of study, practical experience and consistent professional progress and development. She has taken seriously a need to bring her facility up to expected modern technical and esthetic standards and offers each and every patient the advantage not only of her expertise and skill, but also her caring, attentiveness and generosity.

Vance's Smile Story

Of the several dentists I have encountered in my life, Dr. Amos is the most skilled and efficient, and she's truly devoted to helping people, as opposed to being devoted to her "bottom line", as most dentists are. If it weren't for her kindness in this regard, I would never have been able to afford the work she's been doing for me. She's a bright, sunny person, and I always look forward to seeing her again. I couldn't recommend her more highly than I do.