What We Do

We offer a broad range of dental services to help keep you and your mouth healthy and happy. Scroll down to see more or choose from the table of contents to read more!

Cosmetic Dentistry

Procedures which achieve beautiful, natural and healthy smiles. Our services use the latest technology in modern cosmetic dentistry, so that you can have every reason to walk out of our office putting your best smile forward.


Amalgam-Free dentistry supports our vision of healthy, high quality, restorative dental implants. For over 20 years, our tooth-coloured composite and custom porcelain have been amalgam-free. Our practice offers comprehensive restorative work that is completely amalgam-free, using tooth coloured composite or custom coloured porcelain. We put the health of our patients first.

Bonded Fillings

Repairs of cavities or other tooth trauma. After only a single appointment procedure, our fillings restore your teeth to their natural form, function and colour.


Replace missing teeth with natural-looking, permanent artificial teeth to restore full function to your mouth. No more need to feel self-conscious about missing teeth, or uncomfortable while speaking and chewing. Bridges will fill the gap standing between you and your perfect smile.


Rebuild broken or heavily restored teeth. Dental crowns are cemented in place to cover the tooth above the gum line. They can be made of porcelain, gold or non-precious alloy. Our team is happy to work with you to decide which option would be the best fit.


Tooth extractions to remove unrepairable teeth. This dental procedure is used when a tooth cannot be restored or it is being invasive – such is the case with wisdom teeth. We work quickly and gently to make this procedure as stress-free as possible.

Full Mouth Restoration

A customized combination of cosmetic and restorative procedures. You are a candidate for full mouth restoration if your overall health and appearance have suffered from poor dentistry, lack of care, or trauma due to an accident. Let us help you regain a healthy, beautiful smile you can be proud of.

Non-Surgical Gum Therapy

Gum disease treatment completed in the least invasive and most cost-effective manner possible. This multiple procedure therapy aims to eliminate bacteria and plaque that have accumulated over time. We consult closely with our patients on the most appropriate therapy for each unique situation.

Root Canal Therapy

Save teeth which have suffered extensive damage. Damaged nerves and vessels in a tooth will lead to the tooth dying. Root canal therapy cleans out the damaged canal and fills it with a special filling material.

Surgically Clean Air

We were the first dentist in Bridgewater to ensure surgically clean air sterilization and purification. Quality air offers our patients a clean and hygienic dental office, free of polluted molecules. Materials from cleanings, drilling and disinfecting surfaces can become airborne, and are cleaned through our surgical air purifier so that every breath you take in our office is fresh.

TMJ Therapy

Treatment for Temporomandibular Joint pain or Temporomandibular Dysfunction which affects the jaw. Many of the symptoms include jaw-related pain, neck and shoulder pain, ringing ears, grinding teeth and headaches, among others. TMJ treatments and therapy can be complex, and we are happy to consult with you on the best approach for your recovery.

Teeth Whitening

Uncover a brighter, more attractive smile. Teeth are often stained by consuming coffee, red wine, tea, soft drinks or tobacco regularly. Our treatments for teeth whitening can include in-office laser whitening and/or a home-kit treatment. Let us help you achieve your best and brightest smile yet!